Hi! Meet Shaunie
Cooking simply beautiful food that just happens to be truly healthful is easy with expert guidance. Shaunie loves teaching people of all ages and skill levels. She is a whiz at manifesting comfort foods with a healthy twist, wedding and celebration cakes, baking from scratch with no recipe, the world of raw foods, and occasionally cooking over an open fire. Learning and experiencing through hands on experience is best because, doing, seeing and tasting reinforces your belief! It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s delicious!

The Blog

The path to optimal health is paved with vegetables!

Essential Learning Experiences

In the Kitchen

Become a kitchen magician, learn to transform the simplest ingredients 

into mindful and delicious meals


Creative Culinary Conversations

At the Table


Sharing the amazing bounty around the table over deep and meaningful conversation with friends, family, neighbors, and farmers.


Rustic, organic, up close and personal

On the Farm


Our bunkhouse is all dressed up for company.  

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Lifestyle Immersion Retreats

Exotic Getaways

Delicious gatherings of like-minded, adventure seeking, fun loving, foodies!


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