About Me

Vibrant health through good nutrition

I specialize in kitchen and garden education and personalized guidance for creating vibrant health through good nutrition, and easy, mindful eating. My goal is to empower you to become the master of your health destiny, free of worries, fears, suffering, pharmaceutical medicines and doctor bills. Helping you learn how to rejuvenate and enjoy the fruits of life is my passion.


There are so many (rules, considerations, opinions, facts) that it can be confusing.  Once you’ve set up which rules you plan to adhere to, or to guide you, THEN decisions have to be made on how to make it happen.  Is your kitchen well stocked, is your supply easy to access?  Are you skilled in the kitchen?  Do you enjoy prepping food?  Do you WANT to enjoy prepping food, or do you need to figure out how to make it even more simple or procure your food another way?  Do you have gardening skills or friends who will share their bounty, farmer’s mkt and/or natural foods grocery close by?  What if you work away from home?  How do you go out to dinner?

Learn and practice to be able to procure and prepare food that is nourishing, and delicious, as well as affordable.

Navigating the waters of wellness can be tricky, so much information and opinions vary!  Draw a map…connect the dots…make sense of it all, have fun and make sure it’s delicious.

Shaunie Briggs

My Food Philosohpy

Cooking at home is one of our greatest and most important skill sets necessary for thriving!

My hope is to inspire you to cook without recipes, with foods you have available. Personally, I do not focus on one particular diet or set of nutrients, my culinary inspiration comes from my native Californian roots, and traditional diets, with an emphasis on seasonal, organic and wild foods.

Eat whole foods that are minimally processed. If it wasn’t a staple in your great grandma’s pantry…don’t eat it!

There are so many benefits of eating a diet high in fresh, organically grown, plant foods, fruits, vegetables, nuts/seeds, whole grains, and legumes/beans! Avoid eating “food like products” instead, look for the real deal! I am not a big fan of reading labels, I prefer avoiding labels! Eat food that does not require a label!

Know where your food comes from

Growing your own vegetables, trading with your neighbors, and buying from small independent growers when possible, enables you to be more in control of the quality of your food.

Eat very little or no meat, poultry, fish, or dairy

Must be humanely raised and fed a natural diet. Again, be able to trace your food back to the source of where it was raised, fed, and how it existed (i.e. grass fed, wild caught, pasture raised, free-range, organic, etc.)

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