My life was turned upside down by a family health crisis–we now see it as a “Wake Up Call”.

Our 23 year old son was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Rapidly losing weight, and with a discouraging prognosis, the illness seemed unavoidable and insurmountable. (read about the health challenge here) With much research I came to realize that we have the power to change our lives simply by totally revamping our diet and lifestyle.  So we eliminated highly processed foods, inorganic meat and dairy, and embraced a whole foods lifestyle.  

We experienced sensational healing!  Matt’s health rebounded almost immediately, he gained weight, the rest of us lost weight and a myriad of  maladies disappeared.  

This shift has afforded our entire family the luxury of true health, happiness, and vibrancy.  

Our health odyssey began with a restrictive diet, but blossomed into a diet and lifestyle of more abundance as the entire family transitioned to a whole foods, mostly plant based diet and lifestyle. Read more about our philosophy on diet.


We now dedicate our lives to living a balanced life and sharing all we have learned and continue to learn about whole foods and the power of nature. 




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