Growing food with mindfulness is essential


Harness the miraculous benefits of food the way nature intended.


A sustainable lifestyle starts with daily habits


Putting your love into your art makes for beautiful outcomes.

Eat. Right. Now.


The Shaunie Way

  • Be good to yourself: Eat for health (mindfully and consciously)

  • Food is medicine: You are what you eat, what you assimilate and what you don’t eliminate

  • Integral health care: Preventative, integrative, holistic, person-centered

  • Follow your passion: Do what you like and like what you do

  • Develop and nurture relationships: Be involved in your community

Talking Points

Conversations while at the table...

Nutrition Education
Cooking Techniques
Menu Planning
Heritage and Traditions

Farmer’s Market Cooking Lesson



Tour the Davis Farmer’s Market, buy lots of seasonal, local abundance, then return to my farm kitchen and participate in a cooking lesson.  Together we will create a dreamy, seasonal feast. 


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