The Tipping Point

When my 23 year old son got sick, we thought it was just a case of food poisoning, or maybe a flu bug. The symptoms were high fever and diarrhea for almost a week before we took him to the local clinic for relief, the doctor could not identify the reason so he prescribed antibiotics, over the course of a week, the symptoms worsened, the doctor prescribed stronger antibiotics, again the symptoms worsened, and the doctor prescribed stronger antibiotics, finally in desperation we took him to the emergency room.  He had to have blood transfusions, and a colonoscopy which led to a diagnosis of pan colitis, the most serious version of Ulcerative Colitis.  The doctor informed us that our son would be sick the rest of his life, that there is no cure for UC, but reassured us that medicine might control the symptoms and possibly cause remission.  He also informed us that colon cancer was much more likely and the only way to “cure” it was removal of the colon. During ten months of conventional treatment, which included high doses of prednisone, our son had short bouts of “remission”, until his body quit responding to that particular medicine, the gastroenterologist would then prescribe a different medicine. There is a chart in the gastroenterologist office that shows a pyramid of treatments for UC, after all the drugs fail…and they do fail to control the symptoms, the next step is a monthly IV of Remade, the doctor described it as “sort of like a light dose of chemotherapy”, if that fails, the only choice is to remove the colon.  


During this ten months I had been searching a cure for Ulcerative colitis, I read every website I could find about treatment possibilities, I searched in book stores, and asked people for advice, but heres the deal,




One night I couldn’t sleep so I turned on the TV, an infomercial that had peeked my curiosity months earlier was on, Kevin Trudeau was pitching his book, “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About”, this time I believed I had to read it as soon as possible to find the “cure” for Ulcerative Colitis.  I hopped on the internet and ordered the book and the audio version with expedited delivery.  When I got my hands on the book, I flipped through it frantically looking for the “cure” for ulcerative colitis.  Ah ha moment, there is NO CURE!  DISEASE IS JUST A WORD FOR SETS OF SYMPTOMS!  Thank goodness I read the book anyway!  Step by step we followed suggestions 1-4, over the years we are learning and applying 5-7. 


  1.  eliminate toxins from your body

  2. stop or reduce toxins from entering your body.

  3. make sure elimination systems are functioning properly.

  4. make sure you are getting proper amounts of nutrition.

  5. reduce or neutralize the electromagnetic energy that is attacking your body.  (we didn’t do this much)

  6. reduce stress.

  7. use your mind and words to create a healthy PH (still working on this)


The decision to focus on diet and lifestyle along with enlisting an integrative medicine doctor was not an easy one, after ten long and awful months of conventional care, our son had basically succumbed to the idea that he would be sick the rest of his life.  I’ll never forget the time I met him in the kitchen, and informed him that I had found the answer to this horrible condition, at first he did not believe me, and with tears in my eyes, and all choked up I begged him to just try.  


Our healing journey was something like this:  


First step was to go to buy all organic food and we eliminated dairy and gluten.  The results were nothing short of miraculous, so we decided to go a step further and eliminate meat.  At first we followed strict guidelines about what to avoid, but quickly learned that the list of real food is actually much more abundant than the list of food we should avoid. 


We continued educating ourselves and sharing information daily as we healed and discovered exciting new culinary creations focusing on fresh produce, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and beans, then we decided to eat more and more fresh, raw, unprocessed foods and learned recipes for delicious nut milks, vegetable smoothies, and blends.  


It was a month into our journey when a dear friend came to visit, this friend had experienced a healing miracle from a  “near death” run in with mercury poisoning, with the care of a functional medicine doctor.  We enlisted him and followed his advice.


Functional medicine doctors treat the whole body, and perform blood tests looking for the cause of symptoms, what he found was that the antibiotics had killed the good bacteria in Matt’s gut, which caused an overgrowth of bad bacteria.  Parasites were wreaking havoc on Matt’s system.  The treatment included Nutritional IV’s, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and a whole foods diet (which we were already doing)  


Over the course of a couple of months Matt gained most of his weight and vibrancy back.  my husband and I lost about 3-5 pounds a week, and Matt gained the same! 


Our family…Matt included actually feel that this experience changed our lives for the better, and know that we would be in a completely different place, if we had not been faced with it.  Now, after many years of exhilarating experiments in the kitchen and garden, we are making a commitment to share this wonderful way of life with everyone who is interested in vibrancy, joy, and abundance!